In Defense of "The President"

A few weeks ago I marched in solidarity with millions around America and the world in support of women and in defiance of our newly sworn in President: Donald J. Trump. A joke of a human and B-list celebrity con man who’s been exalted to the highest office in the land. He’s a swine, idiot, misogynist and (probable) criminal. And now he’s The President of the United States.

So when I heard chants of “Not my President” becoming the rhythmic cry of our procession to City Hall, I thought to myself, “but… he is your president.” If you see him as legitimate or not, the fact remains, he sits in the chair and has the launch codes. We are living under the administration of President Donald J. Trump. And it’s bigly sad.

He sucks, no question about it. The man deserves no respect but currently he is more than the man, he’s the President and that office deserves respect, even though he disrespects it daily. And I hear you when you say, “He was the man who disrespected the office of President Obama by calling him illegitimate and demanding his birth certificate.” Yes, that’s true, but do we really want to stoop down to his level?

Terrible, inept, reprehensible, honorable, patriotic and inspiring people have held the office of the Presidency, and we as a nation have withstood. Can we withstand President Trump? I think so… but not for long. We must fight, we must resist, we must protest, but we must not disregard the office itself. When the people become apathetic to its leaders and their position, we falter. President Trump embodies this very idea when he refers to jurists of the federal court as “so-called judges.” His apathy towards facts that don’t align with his distorted reality endangers our country and we must call him out for these blatant lies. We, as the resistance, must not embody the same distortion of reality that our President exhibits.

When his emissary Stephen Miller goes on air and states that President’s power “must not be questioned” we must see that for what it is, a conflagration of norms and the esteem of the republic, and an illustration of this administration’s abhorrent regard for unity. We can be united under this President in a resistance to him and his polices, not disbelief towards his elected position.

The populous of this country should never be content with their leaders. We should be always putting pressure on them to enact better laws, fight injustice and protect the American ideals put forth when we started what Washington called, “the last great experiment for promoting human happiness.” 

Most of American’s are unhappy. I’m unhappy, but I don’t refuse to accept that Donald Trump is President. He is President. My President and your President. That fact angers me, but I’m going to turn that anger into action, resistance and defiance any way I can.  Each day brings new challenges as we work to form this “more perfect union.” Though we may be stepping backwards under President Trump, we can’t forget that we have established the office of Presidency under the guise of mutual respect between the people and the office. He disregards that respect, we must not.