Click the title to read an excerpt from each screenplay. 

Cutie Pies (Thriller)

After falling for an exotic dancer, only to see her become collateral damage in an escalating gang war, a man on the verge seeks vengeance in the seedy Los Angeles underbelly. 

Arab in America (Family Comedy)

When an All-American boy enters the post-college world, he finds that job opportunities are scarce when you're a muslim named Osama. Solution: Change your name to Sam and try to fit in.But when he gets a job at a conservative news outlet, can he keep the secret? 

Middleton Manor (Comedy)

A wedding brings a lounge about socialite back home to England but when his good intentions spiral into a series of unfortunate occurrences poised to doom the nuptials of his beloved cousin, can he fix them before the everything is ruined?